{ Mastino 2.0 }

After several years of serving gluten-free and vegan pizzas at Mastino V, we decided to open a second location in “De Pijp” on Eerste van der Helstraat 78l. Mastino 2.0 was created in order to cater to our customers’ preferences. Mastino V is known for it’s vegan and gluten-free pizzas, however, Mastino 2.0 strives to bring you a more traditional pizza base that contains gluten but remains plant-based.

Mastino 2.0 seeks to provide more diversity in choice for our pizzas to cater for those who prefer a more authentic Italian crust. Our pizzas are topped with handmade artisanal vegan cheeses such as red lentil mozzarella, pesto ricotta and cashew cheddar. We use authentic Italian ingredients to deliver only the best quality to our customers. Our aim is to create an authentically Italian pizza experience at an affordable price and with respect to our customer’s dietary restrictions and ethical principles.

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{ Our Menu & specials }

We love good food and love to eat like in the Italian traditional way.
Therefore we would like to invite you to take a bite from our pizza’s.
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{ Offers }

Special deals march:

2 pizzas

{ €25,-}

Family: 4 pizzas

{ €50,-}

Call us for more details and orders (also whatsapp) or
look at our Facebook page 06 2962 34 99

{ Contact }

Mastino 2.0
Eerste van der Helststraat 78, 1072NZ Amsterdam

T: 06 2962 34 99 E: info@mastinopizza.nl


{ Opening hours }

Monday & Tuesday. Closed
Wednesday-Sunday 17:00-22:00